Our history

1946 :

The "Manufacture d’Armes et de Cycles de Châtellerault" (Weapons and Cycles Factory of Châtellerault) was created by Georges LAVRARD, who started commercialising guns and sewing machines industrially produced in Châtellerault.
By selling on behalf of other industries M.A.C.C reveals itself as a precursor in France.

1960 :

MACC gets involved in the « conception, development and commercialisation of equipments to simplify and improve the tasks of the professionals within the construction industry».
At the beginning of this specialisation is the ladder « Univerchelle » invented by Georges LAVRARD. By its revolutionary conception, this articulated ladder-scaffolding system can be adapated to every need, even for working in the stairs. Since then, this invention has had many awards.

MACC, is also the story of a meeting with: Michel SUSSET who gives to the company a marketing spirit.

1977 :

Creation of MACC SPAIN

1984 :

The MACC enters into the Second stock exchange Market in Nantes (at this moment the company is the first one to enter the stock exchange in the area of Poitou-Charentes).

1987 :

After its successful implantation in Spain, the MACC creates its first subsidiary in Italy, MACC ITALY.

1992 :

MACC receives the « Trophy of the Innovative Company ».

1997 :

Creation of MACC UK Ltd in the United Kingdom.

1997 :

Purchase of MACC SPAIN by MACC France.

1998 :

Creation of the subsidiary MACC Benelux in Belgium.

2002 :

« Trophy of the Commercial Performance » given by the French Commercial Leader Association.

2006 :

Shareholders from the founders family purchase the shares in order to consolidate the company's durability.

2007 :

Creation of MACC GmbH in Germany

2009 :

" Global award Trophée de la performance globale", within the category "judges' favourite"

2010 :

MACC has celebrated its 50 years within the construction industry.

2012 :

Construction of a new technical building