Our values

Our company, beyond its core activity and its organisation, is always looking to show certain values, which can be internal or external to Macc.

They are based on an important evolution of our company, and on a strong culture.

We have always wanted to based it on:


  • The Human relationship:

With our customers as well as with our employees, we are always encouraging the communication, to exchange everyone's ideas.

We are conviced that listening to the others help everyone to be part of a common project.

It is always by communicating that we can understand each other and then allow to any idea to be successful.


  • The respect :

    Within our missions we always make sure that everyone is respected.

It is the respect to a person, but also, our history, our base and to all our procedures.


  • The quality:

Our slogan "Building Solutions" and our mission "to improve the working conditions of the building professionals" is base on our will to reach a quality within our differents ressources, which can be material or immaterial. .

It is with these values that we wish to develop our company.



The tree of men

To symbolise our values, we asked Francis GUYOT, an artist from Châtellerault, to create a sculpture made of mold representing the hands of all of those who contributed to the success of the company. It is located in the entrance hall of MACC France.



The Yellow Hand

MACC is taking part in the human adventure of the "Yellow Hand", which is a giant piece of art made by Francis GUYOT. It is a monumental sculpture representing a giant hand which is a strong symbol of our company.

Solidarity Ideas

Every year in France, MACC donates to some associations, for which one or our employee takes part, for the development of a project which can be educative, scientific, social, humanitarian, sportive, family, cultural or contributing to the artistic patrimony highlight, to the environmental defense or with a cultural or linguistic aspect.