The Yellow Hand

MACC has participated to the human adventure of the "YELLOW HAND", artwork made by Francis GUYOT, and is one of his patrons of arts.

It is a monumental sculpture of 24 meters high and weighting 20 tonnes which is constituated by a metal and colored concrete structure developped around a central pylon. This hand, strong symbol of our company, is composed by a chain made of seven historical cars (4CV, coccinelle, 2 CV, Fiat 500, twingo...) wrapped around a forearm, a tribute to the workers condition during the past industrial time of the city of Châtellerault.

It is settled at the highway "Northern Chatellerault" exit n°26 .

« Art can play a federative role ; THE YELLOW HAND has more than 70 companies of the area participating to achieve this original artwork created by Francis Guyot.
This collective patronage is a partnership model between directors who have accepted to work together according to their own core business and skills.
Let's also add that this form of participation can be interpreted as a positive answer to a certain corporatism which sometimes prevail in our modern society »

Michel SUSSET.

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