Who are we?


For 50 years, MACC, with a team of 200 employees in France, Spain, Italy, England, Belgium and Germany, can be seen on all the building sites with its green and yellow colours and its Macc man.

It is known from the craftsmen as a company with strong values, selling innovative products, robust and useful as they have been manufactured with the craftsmen themselves. The idea or improvement for any new product comes directly from the specific needs of our customers, throughout marketing studies carried on the sites, or throughout independant inventor.

They all have the same goal to simplify and to ease the tasks carried out by the different craftsmen working within the building industry.

Then the products are manufactured following the specifications in order to meet the precise requirements.

These products are almost all patented by MACC, manufactured and checked by our technical department in order to obtain a perfect quality.

The products are directly sold by our sales representatives only (more than a hundred in Europe) who visit every day, with their Macc demonstration vehicle fitted will our equipment all the customers within the building industry. So, 110 sales representatives visit around 160 000 craftsmen every year. They have with their customers a real partnership relationship with the aim to give the best advice and service. The Macc handshake: a european language. Every year, it shows the trust between the craftsman and the Macc sales representatives, real advisors.



Some specialised departments: logistic, after sales services, accounting... are there to help the sale team to give a better service to our customers.

Strong with its brand image, the Company has, today, within its european market, nearly 300000 customers using green and yellow Macc products on a market with a potentional of 1 million craftsmen.