Products' creation

MACC commercialise exclusive products, which are pattented and answer to the craftsmen's needs. Recognised as being robust 2 new products are created each year.

"Improve and ease the working conditions of the craftsmen within the construction industry": this is the Macc aim.






Ambassador Sheet

Our customers ideas are forwarded by our MACC team which are real "ambassadors" for our company.

The company studies and develops the relevant products, pattents and commercialises them and always protects the inventors.




In order to manufacture a product of quality, our Research & Development department validates every step of the industrialisation in order to make sure that all the functionalities and details comply with our standards and that the product is manufactured with great care, whatever the technology needed.

To guarantee a constant reactivity and quality to its customers, MACC has chosen to manufacture its products in France.

Controls are regularly made during the manufacturing process in order to ensure a constant quality for MACC products, and this, in compliance with its commitment: security, European standards compliance, traceability of the products...

With the ambassador sheets given by our customers, only are kept the products that show a real interest for the end user: time saving, ease or improve the working condition.