Innovate and work with MACC

1 The idea

Every new product is the result of close collaboration between our Research & Development and Marketing departments and our customers. All submitted ideas are thoroughly examined and the most revelant ones, in terms of time saving, handling, making the job easier or improving working conditions are selected.

2 Studies

Each project requires a long and strict study process. The making of the perfect product is shaped by the many different interviews conducted between our departments and our customers.

Arnaud Pagnoux Research Analyst

The close partnership between our Marketing Department, our Research & Development Department and building sector professionals: that’s the most rewarding aspect of our job

3 Design

MACC technicians and engineers draw and choose the best technologies to guarantee all the future functions of the new products.
Many prototypes are made to be tried out, tested in-house and shown to our customers when carrying out Marketing surveys.
The design office then launches pre-production models.

4 Testing

Tests are carried out on prototypes by our Research & Development Department to ensure that we meet customer expectations, but also in laboratories to make sure our products are in compliance with safety and European standards. Preseries are also tested by customers in real-life conditions on existing worksites.

Taking part in the making of each of our new products, supported by technology : a passion that lives on

Yoann BORDIER MACC Collaborator, Test team

5 Manufacturing

When the product has been tested and approved, the Research & Development Department oversees its manufacturing.
They confirm each aspect of the production and industrial machinery set-up, as well as various controls to guarantee a high-quality product.
MACC choose local manufacturing to guarantee maximum quality and reactivity.