1960 – 2020 : MACC 60 th birthday

4 March 2020 News MACC

Some could say everything started in 1960. l’UNIVERCHELLE, the significant meeting of Georges LAVRARD and Michel SUSSET. The begining of a unique business and marketing concept.
But i believe the roots of your story started a long time before.

In 1918, Georges LAVRARD is born in Châtellerault, in a family of micro entrepreneurs, who will teach him everything that makes your strength now as a company : the entrepreneurial spirit, the curiosity, the love of a job well done, the great interest in helping others and anything innovative, the business mindset and the resilience.

It is on the Avenue of President Wilson in Châtellerault, that Georges LAVRARD learned and developped these skills.
This is where the foundations of our company were laid, correct ?
Looking at you today, seated in this room of the exquisite Palais de la Bourse, i think about this young 28 years old man pushing the doors of the Châtellerault’s Commercial Court, in 1946, in order to register the LLC he was the only partner of. Was the young Georges LAVRARD, already envisioning the long and beautiful path he was setting the MACC on ?

I think about his pen, drawing precisely the first foundations of an articulated ladder in 1960 and the twinkle in his eye at that exact time.
Could he really guess that after receiving awards all around the world for his “UNIVERCHELLE”, he would become one of the pillars of Frances’s inventors ans that he would incorporate this culture of invention and innovation in this company ? Could he envision the success pf the MINILEVE, ESCAMOBILE, PELICAN, LEVE BALLON, CABRI, LUGE, CRAB, LYNX, PANOMAC and all those inventions would obtain ?

I think about the impetus provided by a handshake at the same time, sealing a powerful alliance, full of promises, with Michel SUSSET. The inventor and businessman, the technical ingenuity and commercial virtuosity.

Did they both predict their handshake would be the symbol of an organization ? More than a symbol, a real mindset ?

Did they envision 60 years later, their children and grandchildren would perpetuate this alliance, and make the MACC stronger than ever ?

I think about the looks they exchanged, probably perplexed, the first time they heard the word “marketing”. This new concept, brought from America by Mr SUSSET, would revolutionize the way of doing business.

Were they already predicting the new path they were setting foot on and they were on the eve of a significant development ?
Did they envision their Marketing & Research department would become a pillar of their company ? Could they imagine that it would be through Marketing they would be able to respond accurately to their clients’expectations, which nowadays allow them to be leaders on the market ?

I think about René SUSSET, one of the MACC pioneers, who traveled with his “UNIVERCHELLE” in the trunk of his 504, landing in Bordeuax and, like an actor, would improve his first ever demo.
Was he already envisioning that one day, his sales approach would be theorized, optimized and handed down to each new sales person ? Did he know that in 2020, a hundred vehicules skillfully organised would be the ambassadors of the MACC, and that, all over Europe, in a worls where the digital takes over human relationships, these demo would be the occasion to create real human encounters ?

I think of the first graphic designer, in 1979, playing with the colors yellow and green, the colors of Châtellerault, the corn en the colza in spring, the fixed elements and the moving parts.

Where they guessing that one day, that little man wearing green and yellow, would be the symbol of a unique organization ? This symbol is so essential, because it represents the heart and soul of our business, our client, the craftsman, the one we work relentlessly for.

I think of the first salesperson going to his first meeting, without really knowing what to expect… Was he guessing that, over the years, these meetings would be organized, and become the highlights of the year, a real moment of sharing and networking ?
That it would be that birthdays, retirements, acquisitions and achievments would be celebrated ?

I think of this day, in 1999, when in the HQ’s corridor, has been seen for the first time ever line up on their sreen, a number in millions of Francs ! An incredible step on the eve of our 40 years. The proof by 200 Millions that with the 2nd generation : Jean-Chrsitophe SUSSET – Jean-François LAVRARD, MACC was entering in a new dimension. The proof you had to dream big, very big. Just to confirm the choices made were correct. And to continue dreaming of a bigger future.

I think of all these days when new ideas would shape themselves, thanks to salespersons or admins of France and subsidiaries, thanks to our clients whom we listened like no else, thanks to our faithful industrial partners. As an exempla the launch days of the textile collection.

I think of these days, where we would turn on the engine of our vehicules to go on an adventure.
Every single day. Whether there was snow, strong winds, rain or a big sunshine.

I think of all those days we proudly wore the MACC colours, sealing deals with our famous handshakes.

I think that all these days have now become years.

The years we bravely and faithfully went through: the good ones, the excellent ones, the not so good ones, because they were inevitably some in 60 years ! But our whole concept seems to give us a peacful strength that makes us resilient to everything- because our creativity, our inventions allow us to have an edge over everyone else. I believe it is the very strong attachments to the core foundations of our concept that allowed us to keep going. And a strong team spirit.

A unique concept, core values, men and women, and ideas. This is what keeps us going for the past 60 years.

Today, in a society sometimes overwhelmed by its own speed, ous story is without a doubt, our biggest strenght. Because it redirects us to the essentials. And it is on this precious DNA, that the new vital forces will be able to rely on to buils the MACC of tomorrow.

As the 3rd generation comes, with new developments, changes, their yearniing for the future, and desire to push boundaries and acquire new markets, i think our collective strenght is ready to write new pages and mobilise resources to enrich our story with new and captivating chapters.

Mélanie LEMOINE – Storyteller