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For 60 years now, MACC has been operating in France, Spain, Italy, England and Benelux (200 people). MACC yellow and green products can be seen on many european building sites. The MACC mobile showroom is also unique to our concept. We are known to craftsmen as a company with strong values, selling innovative, reliable and ergonomical products due to the fact that they are designed together with building professionals, our future users..

Innovation by and for users

Our customers' needs and their ideas are at the heart of our design process. These needs are thoroughly examined by conducting studies directly on worksites. Inventors are also an important source of ideas.

These ideas all have a common goal : make various work tasks and working conditions easier. The product is then manufactured following strict guidelines to meet all the highest quality requirements and specifications. Most of our products are patented. Regular controlling is implemented on all local french manufacturing, to ensure outstanding quality.

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A unique sales distribution model

MACC has a direct sales concept. Our 110 exclusive sales representatives all over Europe visit building professionals on their worksites on a daily basis with their mobile showroom, fully equipped with a demonstration product range.

> Our sales reprensentatives visit 160 000 customers every year.

The MACC handshake : a shared and valued european language

In France, like in other European countries where the MACC concept is the same, our representatives build a strong partnership with their customers; they strive to give them the best advice and service.

> Year after year, the MACC handshake symbolizes a long-lasting trust relationship between the MACC sales representative and his customer.

Executive Board : Bertrand CUPIF - Jean-Christophe SUSSET - Emmanuel DECHATRE - Patricia MONJALON

Executive Board : Bertrand CUPIF - Jean-Christophe SUSSET - Emmanuel DECHATRE - Patricia MONJALON

Our values

Through our business concept and organization, MACC promote certain values based on a rich story and a strong culture alongside which our company pursues its growth.

Human relationships

With both our customers and our staff, we strive to promote communication. We believe that listening to each other plays an important role in valuing individuals and in being involved in a common project. Communication is key to better understanding each other and allows each action or new idea to be best productive.


We pay extra attention to respect, whether it be in our missions or the way we choose to communicate. Respect towards individuals but also towards our history, our fundamental ideology and our operating procedures.


Our motto "building solutions" along with our mission which consists in "improving craftsmen's working conditions" are based on a strong will to achieve high-quality products, but also applies to our internal human resources.

MACC , in perpetual evolution

MACC (Manufacture d’Armes and de Cycles de Châtellerault) founded by Georges LAVRARD, first starts by selling shotguns and sewing machines made in Châtellerault.
MACC decides to « design, develop and sell tools to improve craftsmen's working conditions and make their tasks easier ". The first product to be designed is the « Univerchelle » ladder (picture below) created by Georges LAVRARD. The ingenious design of this articulated ladder makes it flexible and can be used in many situations. This innovative product has received several awards. Michel SUSSET then joining the company develops the marketing aspect.
MACC Spain is founded
MACC go public in Nantes (and become the first Poitou-Charentes firm to be quoted on the stock exchange)
After having successfully launched MACC Spain, MACC establish MACC ITALY, the first subsidiary
In the 90's, the second family generation Jean-François LAVRARD and Jean-Christophe SUSSET, pursue the company's development
MACC UK Ltd is founded in England
MACC SPAIN is bought back by MACC FRANCE
MACC Benelux in Belgium is established
MACC celebrate the achievement of a 200 000 000 francs turnover.
The Company celebrates its 40th anniversary.
To ensure the long-term existence of the company, family shareholders buy back the stock shares. The head office undergoes extension works as part of the development project.
MACC Germany is established
MACC celebrate their 50th anniversary.
Inauguration of our new showroom, warehouse and test facility on June 1st 2012
MACC launch their Franchise in England
MACC Italy celebrate their 30th anniversary and MACC Spain their 40th anniversary
MACC have received many awards since their establishment:
  • - 1963 : Innovation Oscar in Brussels
  • - 1970 : Innovation Apollo
  • - 1973 : International Invention Oscar
  • - 1992 : Innovating company trophy
  • - 1994 : Innovating company trophy
  • - 1997 : Rank in secondary market companies
  • - 2001 : Company performance DCF(Business leaders)
  • - 2009 : Global performance Trophy
  • - 2015 : MODULRACK selected product of the year
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Launch of the AGRIMACC project Materials for agricultural production (agriculture, viticulture, arboriculture, livestock ...), mechanical products and for the maintenance of buildings
MACC celebrates its 60th anniversary

Key figures

3 476 296 €

Limited Company Capital consisted of a managing Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board

44,5 M€

Annual revenue in 2021 whose 16,45 % outside of France

2,65 M€

Consolidated net profit in 2020


Product families and more than 2 innovations per year.

Our values through art

Our subsidiaries

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